5 Investing-Related Books That I Would Recommend to Read

If you are just wading your feet into the investment world, these books would be a good introduction for you.

Aliff Azhar
5 min readMar 11, 2020
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When I started to delve into the world of investment opportunities, the first thing I did was searching on Google on everything related to investing. It was at that moment that it opened my eyes to everything investing-related beyond what I know throughout my lifetime.

The more I read, the sense of inquisitiveness spikes inside me. At the same time, I was eager to get myself a couple of books on investing, but not sure if I could get them in my area. Even if I can, I was in the assumption that the pricing would be astronomical.

I’m personally a big fan of physical books. No matter how much I read online every single day, I still prefer to read on paper over my digital devices. I don’t say that I hate reading on devices, but I like touching on the charts and graphics printed on paper, for instance.

Anyway, back to the topic. It does not mean you should get a physical book like I do if you want to read and explore more on investing. If you do, great. But nowadays, you can also get your favorite book directly into your digital devices, whether through Kindle or even iPad.

If you are delving into investing for the first time, then I would definitely recommend you to get the books that I listed out below (in no particular order) which I personally read from time to time. This will bring you into a more excellent picture of how they actually accomplish their investing and even trading goals. I would also include the link to a relevant website, whichever available.

Disclaimer: All the graphics or any other book elements available in the photos below remain the copyright of the book author and owner.

1. Chart Patterns Analysis

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Inspired by a trader named Dan Zanger developed his trading methods, the three authors of the book discusses several types of chart patterns used in the technical analysis and how you can execute a trade based on the patterns identified in a technical chart. It also explains the background of Dan Zanger and how he started his stock trading journey.

Most, if not all, the charts shown in the book are from stocks and indices of Bursa Malaysia (KLSE) and Singapore Exchange (SGX), but the strategies in the book can be applied to any asset classes.

The book can be purchased here:

2. Winning The Game of Stocks! by Adam Khoo

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Adam Khoo does a great job of explaining how stocks work and strategies to invest them in a number of ways. Not only he covers on using technical analysis, but also analyzing them through fundamental analysis. Included in the book are risk management, cutting losses when a stock investment goes further south, passive income strategies with stock dividends, and many more.

At the time of my writing, the book seems unavailable to purchase. But you can always check out the link below from time to time to see if it’s available again in the future.

Adam Khoo has his own site which you can access here.

3. The New Coffeehouse Investor by Bill Schulteis

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This book provides details on how you can simplify your investment decisions without needing to fear about stock market volatility and other factors that may affect your conscience when it comes to investing. The main point of this book is rather than continually predicting the future movements of the market, The New Coffeehouse Investor focuses on the long-term approach to investing in the stock market.

You can get the book right here:

You can also check out the first chapter of the book for free here.

4. The Smartest Portfolio You’ll Ever Own by Daniel R. Solin

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As the title mentioned, Daniel laid out several strategies for creating a smart portfolio of low-cost index funds. I personally haven’t invested in index funds before. Yet, it is an eye-opening exposure that anyone can invest in index funds or ETFs that impose low or no fees, as well as identifying your risk profile when it comes to making decisions to invest. He even explains on diversifying among asset classes since index funds have several types of asset classes that allow you to mix up. Also included are methods for buy and hold and rebalancing your portfolio.

You can purchase the book here:

The author has his own website which you can check out here.

5. The Alternative Answer by Bob Rice

Again, ignore the white spot on the bottom right. Photo courtesy by Aliff Azhar.

If you are looking for investment opportunities beyond the common stocks, bonds, or other vehicles you often hear of, then you should definitely check out this book. It lists out several places where you can invest. Spoiler alert: fancy a timber or angel investing?

Regardless, the non-traditional investment options laid out in the book are not for everyone. But if you would rather venture in and give any of them a try, then you may want to read further in this book.

You can grab the book here:

The author has an online video learning center and other resources that you can check out here.

There you have it. Although investing means leveraging your money for better returns, there are lots of opportunities beyond what people and even those in the financial industry would mention in the media and online space.

Either way, having the awareness and increasing the investing and financial literacy beyond just stocks, bonds, and ETFs enables you to define your risk-tolerance better and make a better-informed decision when investing in any investment vehicles.